What Are Some Winter Poems Suitable for Reading to Children?


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There is an abundance of poetry dealing with the season of winter, but Emily Bronte's "Spellbound" and Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" are classic poems and can easily be read to children of any age despite their powerful symbolic value. Both poems confront the physical changes winter makes to the world as well as the changes it makes to the mind.

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Bronte's poem is direct in its challenge to the difficulties imposed by winter in cold climes. She discusses obliquely the frustration of being caught indoors and the fear that extreme weather can create, but is firm in her defiance of those factors and her trust and belief in herself.

Frost's poem is a milder meditation on the seductive quality of sleep and rest, retiring from responsibilities to enjoy dreamlessness. His poem, too, shows a world encased in winter and expresses that it is still best to get on with one's life and continue to act and grow no matter what external circumstances compel one to do.

Both poems are part of a large segment of the Western poetic canon suitable to readers and listeners of all ages. These poems ring through Western Literature and are universally relatable to all lovers of poetry.

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