Who Are Some Winners of "The Biggest Loser"?

Who Are Some Winners of "The Biggest Loser"?

Some winners of “The Biggest Loser” are the original winner Ryan Benson, winner of season five Ali Vincent, winner of season eight Danny Cahill, winner of season 13 Jeremy Britt, and winner of season 14 Danni Allen. In the first season, winner Ryan Benson lost 122 pounds. He later publicly admitted that he had fasted and dehydrated himself during the competition to reduce his weight.

Ali Vincent won season five for the biggest percentage of weight lost, and she went on to publish her own book and launch a website. She lost 112 pounds during the show. Vincent aired a show, “Live Big with Ali Vincent,” on The Live Well Network. She was the first female Biggest Loser from the U.S. series.

Danny Cahill lost 239 pounds to win season eight. As of 2015, he travels the country as a motivational speaker and singer focused on weight loss.

Jeremy Britt won season 13 at 22 years of age. He lost 190 pounds to earn a final weight of 190 pounds for the finale episode.

Danni Allen lost 137 pounds to win season 14. After her win, she shot a commercial for the restaurant chain Subway and appeared on a number of talk shows.