Who Are Some Winners of "The Bachelor Canada"?

Who Are Some Winners of "The Bachelor Canada"?

As of 2015, past winners of "The Bachelor Canada" include April Brockman and Bianka Kamber. Brockman paired up with Tim Warmels in season two, and Kamber got together with Brad Smith in season one.

"The Bachelor Canada" is a reality television show on City TV in which women try to win the heart of a different single man each season. It is patterned after the American show "The Bachelor."

In 2014, Kamber and Smith announced that they had broken up. The two became a couple in 2012. Smith is a former Canadian Football League player who went on to become a host for City TV. Kamber is a nurse who lives in Mississauga, Ontario. She accepted Smith's proposal during the season one finale, which was set in Barbados.

In the finale of season two, it appeared that Warmels would end up with Trisha Vergo. Warmels had bought an engagement ring and was wearing a suit on the beach when Vergo walked toward him. Warmels, however, broke the news that she wasn't his choice. He then got down on one knee and proposed to Brockman.

In February of 2015, "The Bachelor Canada" announced on its Facebook page that Brockman and Warmels had broken up.