What Is the "Win, Lose or Draw" Game?

"Win, Lose or Draw" was a syndicated TV game show that was broadcast between 1987 and 1990; as of June 2015, a newer version of the game is shown on the Disney channel. Disney's "Win, Lose or Draw" can also be played on the computer through Disney's website or on a mobile device.

The main premise of the original "Win, Lose or Draw" was that contestants would have to guess the name of a famous person based on what their teammate drew. Each game consisted of one team of three men and another team of three women, with two celebrities on each team. There were three main rounds of play plus one 90-second speed round. The team with the most money at the end won the game. "Win, Lose or Draw" premiered on NBC on September 7, 198. Vicki Lawrence was host for the majority of episodes.

A new version of "Win, Lose or Draw" premiered on the Disney channel on January 17, 2014. Each game has two teams of three people: two contestants and one Disney teen celebrity. As of 2015, the game features three rounds of 90 seconds each: "Draw-obstacle Course," "Fill in the Blank" and "Get a Clue." The team ahead at the end of the third round plays the 90-second bonus round.