What Is a William Johnstone Book List?

A William Johnstone book list is a compilation of novels written by author William W. Johnstone. Known mostly for writing western-themed books, Johnstone authored more than 200 novels during his lifetime.

Johnstone began writing in 1970 but wasn’t published for another decade. His first novel, "The Devil’s Kiss," is a supernatural horror book featuring a preacher, witches, demons and devil worship. Some of Johnstone’s western series books include "The First Mountain Man," "The Last Mountain Man," "The Last Gunfighter," "The Eagles" and "MacAllister." "The Ashes," a series of 35 thrillers dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear strike in America, is among Johnstone’s more popular works.

Before becoming a writer, Johnstone was a member of the French Foreign Legion but was kicked out for being too young. He went on to join a carnival, enlist in the Army, work as a deputy sheriff and work in radio broadcasting. Johnstone said his inspiration for writing westerns came from the frontier experiences of his grandparents.

Besides westerns, thrillers and horror, Johnstone wrote science fiction, action and other genres. Although he passed away in 2004, new books in Johnstone’s series continue to be published, written by his nephew, J.A. Johnstone, who was the author’s typist, fact checker and researcher.