What Is Wildstyle Graffiti?


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Wildstyle graffiti is a style of spray-painted urban street art consisting of intricately warped and interlocking letters, numbers and arrows. Wildstyle lettering deliberately obscures the legibility of the word or tag being written. The warped shapes are considered a display of creativity and artistic prowess.

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Wildstyle's deliberate obscurity also has the secondary benefit of being indecipherable to outsiders to the graffiti subculture, allowing artists to express themselves in plain sight of a potentially hostile public, including the police. Letters are not only twisted and curved into wild shapes, as befits the name "wildstyle," but often spurs, arrows and other embellishments are added. Letters often overlap one another or are overlaid on top of intricate backgrounds. The embellishments and curves of wildstyle are similar to those of calligraphy.

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