What Are the Wilbur Smith Novels in Order?


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The first three books by Wilbur Smith are "When the Lion Feeds," "The Dark of the Sun" and "The Sound of Thunder." His next three books are "Shout at the Devil," "Gold Mine" and "The Diamond Hunters."

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Wilbur Smith's first six books came out between 1964 and 1971. Since then he has written over 25 more novels. As of 2015, his most recent three novels are "Desert God," "Vicious Circle" and "Those in Peril."

The order of books in his "Egyptian" series is "River God," "The Seventh Scroll," "Warlock" and "The Quest." This series is set in the time of ancient pharaohs.

The first four books in the "Courtney" series are "When the Lion Feeds," "The Sound of Thunder," "A Sparrow Falls" and "The Burning Shore." The next four are "Power of the Sword," "Rage," "A Time to Die" and "Golden Fox." The "Courtney" series is about the fortunes and misfortunes of a large and ambitious family. The time frame spans the dawn of the 18th century to the late 20th century. In the second to last novel of this series, "The Triumph of the Sun," the Courtney family crosses paths with members of the Ballantyne family, the subjects of a different series by Smith.

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