How Do You Get a Wheel Watchers Club SPIN ID?

To get a Wheel Watchers Club SPIN ID, join the Wheel Watchers Club on, as of 2015. After you register, log in to your account. The Wheel Watchers Club home page displays your SPIN ID.

To join the Wheel Watchers Club, visit the home page, and click Login/Join under the My Wheel Watchers Club heading. From the pop-up box, click Join Wheel Watchers Club. On the registration page, click Register With Facebook if you want to use your Facebook information to register. Otherwise, fill out the required information on the form, set your email preferences, and click Register.

A SPIN ID, which is short for special prize identification number, is part of a Wheel Watchers Club membership. Membership to the Wheel Watchers Club is free. Every member is eligible for the $5,000 prize that "Wheel of Fortune" offers every weeknight.

During every week night episode of "Wheel of Fortune," the show displays a winning SPIN ID. The member with that SPIN ID must log in to the Wheel Watchers Club and verify his SPIN ID within 24 hours of the episode to win the $5,000 prize.

"Wheel of Fortune" only allows one SPIN ID per member. The member's SPIN ID must be active for the show to choose it, meaning the member must have at least one log in to the Wheel Watchers Club within the past six months.