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British journalist Martin Bashir resigned from his position at MSNBC in December, 2013. His departure from the news channel followed an off-color comment made on-air about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Bashir's remark was in response to Palin's comparison of the U.S. federal debt to slavery.

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In November, 2013, Sarah Palin spoke at a conservative fundraiser in Iowa and compared the aftermath of federal spending habits to slavery. The former vice-presidential nominee said that future generations will be shackled by the country's excessive debt and beholden to a foreign master.

A few days later, Martin Bashir reacted to Palin's comments on his MSNBC program "Martin Bashir." Bashir recounted the events described in the personal diary of a 1756 slave owner, Thomas Thistlewood. In his diary, Thistlewood describes the cruel and savage treatment of his slaves. Bashir concluded that Palin, due to her ignorance of slavery, qualifies for a dose of discipline from Thomas Thistlewood. Both Bashir and MSNBC received criticism for the comment. MSNBC soon announced Bashir's resignation.

Bashir gained prominence after his BBC interview with Princess Diana in 1995. In 2003, Bashir conducted a series of interviews with Michael Jackson for the ITV documentary "Living with Michael Jackson." Bashir took a co-anchor position with ABC's "Nightline" in 2005. Bashir left "Nightline" in 2010 for his political commentator position at MSNBC.

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