What Were Zeus' Special Powers?

were-zeus-special-powers Credit: Colin Anderson/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Zeus' powers enable him to summon rain, thunder, lightening and darkness. He is also able to hurl thunderbolts. In addition to being the ruler of the Olympians, he is known as the rain god.

Zeus did not use his powers to become the ruler of the Olympian gods. He and his brother drew lots for the role and title. As head of the Olympian gods, Zeus is responsible for making sure that each god fulfills his or her duty by exercising their powers. Zeus is widely viewed as a representation of nature and the importance of the balance of it. When he is angry, he strikes, inflicting harsh weather. When he is satisfied, however, there is order in the universe. Zeus's brothers are Poseidon and Hades. His wife is Hera, who is also his sister. He also had two other sisters, Demeter and Hestia. His father was the Titan Cronus, the god of time. Although Zeus is a figure in many myths, the two most famous are those of Prometheus and Atlas. Prometheus tricks Zeus and gives fire to humans. Prometheus is then cursed to having his liver eaten every day. Atlas led a revolution against Zeus and was cursed to holding the world on his shoulders for all eternity. The Olympic games were founded in honor of Zeus.