What Were the Top Ads in the Last Super Bowl Broadcast?

What Were the Top Ads in the Last Super Bowl Broadcast?

The top commercials for the 2015 Super Bowl include Budweiser's "Lost Dog," BMW 's “Newfangled Idea” starring Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, Microsoft's "Braylon," Always' "Like a Girl," Fiat's "Blue Pill," Dove's “Real Strength,” Doritos' "Middle Seat" and Dodge's "Wisdom," which highlighted advice from centenarians.

These top-rated commercials tugged at audience's heartstrings, sparked discussions about diversity and stereotypes and featured cameo appearances.

Some of the funniest top-rated Super Bowl commercials featured well-known actors. For instance, Snickers' "Brady Bunch" commercial stars Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady on the set of the Brady Bunch TV show, while Steve Buscemi makes a cameo as Jan. In Esurance's "Sorta Mom" commercial, actress Lindsay Lohan makes a cameo as a terrible driver.

One of the more inspirational commercials was Toyota's "How Great I Am," which stars Amy Purdy snowboarding, dancing and running with her artificial legs. Over the spot, is a motivating speech by boxer. Muhammad Ali.

One of the more chilling spots was produced by No More, featuring a recorded call to 911 which appears to be a woman simply ordering pizza, but which later turns out to be a ruse to disguise her cry for help. No More's PSA is the first Super Bowl commercial addressing domestic violence.