What Were Three of the Most Popular TV Commercials in 2015?

Based on social media exchanges, online views and money spent, three of the most popular TV commercials in 2015 include Budweiser's "Lost Dog," T-Mobile's "Kim's Data Stash" and Supercell's "Revenge." Having spent $30.8 million on Super Bowl 2015 advertisements alone, Budweiser was the top spender of all brands.

"Lost Dog" is a 60 second spot featuring Buddy the dog, who becomes separated from his friend, a Clydesdale horse, and his owner, actor Don Jeanes. In February 2015, the commercial received 11.97 percent of earned digital activity off all advertisements from game day. During the same time, it had 2,592,902 social actions, such as Facebook shares, Twitter conversations and YouTube votes.