What were some televison ads played during the 2014 Super Bowl?


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Some television ads that played during the 2014 Super Bowl were for Go Daddy, Doritos, Budweiser, T-Mobile and Butterfinger. The advertisers paid approximately $4 million each to be featured during the year's biggest game, according to New Jersey On-Line LLC.

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There were many commercials spouting the virtues of automobiles, including ones for Chrysler, Audi, Honda, Kia and Toyota. Other car dealer spots were those by Jeep, Maserati, CarMax, Chevrolet and

Volkswagen. In addition to products and services, there were also motion picture commercials cashing in on the worldwide exposure, as over 100 million viewers tuned in. Sony Pictures ran an ad for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," while Paramount promoted "Transformers: Age of Extinction."

The big winners from an advertising point of view were the Kia, Budweiser and Cheetos commercials, as reported by ABC News. The more lackluster losing ads were ones by Pepsi, Axe and Go Daddy. Sports website Bleacher Report gave top grades to spots by the NFL Network, Jaguar, Toyota, Turbo Tax and Carmax. They gave failing grades to ads from Bank of America, M&;M's, Squarespace, Kia and Axe. Cheerios was the only cereal brand to make an appearance, and Radio Shack was the sole electronics store to put up an ad.

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