What Were the Best Short Films in 2014?


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The short live action films released in 2014 that were nominated for an Academy Award in 2015 were "Aya," "Boogaloo and Graham," "Butter Lamp," "Parvaneh" and "The Phone Call." As of February 2015, Forbes Magazine predicts that "The Phone Call" will win the award.

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What Were the Best Short Films in 2014?
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One of the best ways to determine the quality of a movie is its award nominations. Many of the short films nominated are based on an international selection. For example, the film "Aya" was filmed in Israel. The short stars Sarah Adler as the titular Aya and Ulruch Thomsen as Mr. Overby. In "Aya," Adler and Thomsen play two strangers who encounter each other at an airport. Thomsen incorrectly assumes that Adler is his driver, but instead of correcting him Adler assumes the role. The film follows the two as they leave the airport and Adler attempts to keep her lie from being found out.

In "The Phone Call," Sally Hawkins plays Heather, a woman who works at a call center despite being very shy. The film chronicles a mysterious phone call she receives that alters the course of her life in unexpected ways. The film is directed by Mat Kirby, who is most well known for his work directing commercial and music videos as part of Ridley Scott Associates in London.

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