What Were Some of the Rumors About Caroline Kennedy's Possible Separation From Ed Schlossberg?

Some rumors regarding Caroline Kennedy's separation from Ed Schlossberg were that she was having an affair with Arthur Sulzberger and that she wanted to focus fully on her new position as U.S. Ambassador to Japan. Caroline Kennedy is the only surviving child of the late President John F. Kennedy, and Ed Schlossberg is an American designer, who serves in the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts as of 2015.

Rumors began floating due to Kennedy removing her name from consideration for New York's vacant senate seat due to personal reasons. The couple also reportedly did not live in the same New York home, and Caroline accepted a new position that required her to live in a new country away from her husband. The couple essentially lived separate lives, hence unconfirmed media speculation arose.

Arthur Sulzberger, the rumored man in the scandal, is the chairman of The New York Times and is a very close friend of Caroline Kennedy. Sulzberger was going through a divorce from Gail Gregg at the time of the rumors. The rumors were laid to rest when Caroline Kennedy appeared hand in hand with her husband to welcome President Obama to Japan. They are still married and have three children: Rose, Tatiana and John.