What Were Some Popular TV Shows Cancelled in 2013?


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Some popular shows cancelled in 2013 include "90210," "Happy Endings," "Rules of Engagement," "The Cleveland Show" and "Fringe." Other shows that ended in 2013 include "CSI: NY," "Futurama," "Attack of the Show!" and "Burn Notice."

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"Happy Endings," after finding its footing in its first two seasons, received critical acclaim for its third season. However, ABC's scheduling issues caused the ratings to not appear good enough to keep the series around, according to Vulture. "90210" received favorable critical response in its first two seasons, but after a new showrunner took charge, critics began to cool, and ratings began to drop until The CW cancelled the show in its fifth season.

While "Rules of Engagement" never got great critical response, its ratings were high in its first three seasons. However, viewership gradually declined until its seventh-season cancellation. "Fringe" didn't receive very good ratings, but critics praised it as the show's universe began to expand. Despite "Fringe" gaining a cult following, Fox had to cancel the show after its fifth season.

"CSI: NY" lasted nine seasons before CBS decided to cancel the show. Comedy Central dropped "Futurama," a critically acclaimed animated science fiction show, in 2013. Fox had previously aired the show but cancelled it in 2003. After seven years of airing "Attack of the Show!," a technology news program on G4 that started the career of Olivia Munn, G4 cancelled the program in 2013.

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