What Were Some Popular Movies in 1970?


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Two popular movies in 1970 were "Scrooge" and "The Aristocats." While "The Aristocats" is a Disney original, Scrooge is a musical rendition of a Charles Dickens novel, "A Christmas Carol." The first movie rendition of Scrooge was released in 1935 in black and white. Other popular movies from this year include "MASH," "Patton" and "Love Story."

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While 1970 didn't see the release of many critically acclaimed movies, the 1970s as a whole was one of the most important decades in cinema. In 1973, Michael Crichton's "Westworld" brought CGI to the world of cinema. Three years later, Chrichton's sequel "Futureworld" would be the first film to feature 3-D graphics. In 1977, animator Larry Cuba pioneered the use of 3-D wireframe technology that would later be used in "Alien" before a slough of other films.

The 1970s weren't just instrumental in cinema technology, however. This star-studded decade also gave rise to the concept of a more independent film industry, giving young up-and-coming filmmakers an opportunity to prove their worth. This turned out to be an instrumental event in the history of cinema, giving rise to filmmakers such as George Lucas ("Star Wars"), Stephen Spielberg ("Jaws"), Martin Scorsese ("Taxi Driver") and Francis Ford Coppola ("The Godfather").

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