What Were Some Popular Just For Laughs: Gags Episodes in 2012?


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As of 2015, there is no list that states which "Just For Laughs: Gags" episodes were popular in 2012; however, some episodes from that year include "Crazy Kid Sneaks in Gorilla Case," "Old Man Puts Out TV Fire," "Winter Wonderland Elevator Prank," "Crazy Baby Arm Prank," "A Real Wedding Crasher" and "Dog Steals Pacifier from Baby's Face," notes TV.com. Viewers interested in viewing a full list of videos can go to the Just For Laughs website at JustForLaughs.com.

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"Just for Laughs: Gags" is a hidden camera reality television show broadcast in Canada. It is based on the American series "Candid Camera." In "Just for Laughs," the comedians play silly pranks on unsuspecting people while their responses are recorded. The show first appeared on the French Canadian channel, Canal D, on December 26, 2000. It does not contain dialogue or other sound with the exception of a laugh track and some sound effects.

To view a list of "Just For Laughs" gag episodes, go to JustForLaughs.com and click on "Gags," and then choose the desired gag category. Options include animal pranks, beach pranks, love pranks and slapstick pranks. Viewers can also see full episodes from 2012 on the website or at TV.com. Other examples of episodes include "Popcorn Mouse Trap Prank," "Scary Clown in the Box" and "Hungry, Hungry Funny Frog."

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