What Were Some Popular Chinese Movies in 2014?


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"Breakup Buddies" and "The Monkey King" were the top-grossing Chinese films of 2014. The Wall Street Journal names "Aberdeen," "From Vegas to Macau," "Kung Fu Jungle," "The Midnight After" and "My Voice, My Life" as Hong Kong's five most essential films of 2014.

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"Breakup Buddies" is a comedy drama about two best friends embarking on a road trip. Recovering from a messy divorce, former singer Geng Hao hits the road and the bars with his womanizing buddy. "The Monkey King" is a fantasy-action film starring Donnie Yen. Based on the classical novel "Journey to the West," the film tells the story of Monkey King rebels challenging the Jade Emperor of Heaven. "Breakup Buddies" earned $190.1 million at the international box office, while "The Monkey King" took in $167.8 million.

"Aberdeen" is a Pang Ho-cheung comedy about a multi-generational family and its problematic relationships. "From Vegas to Macau" is a Wong Jing action-comedy starring Chow Yun-fat. Chow plays the part of a witty, high-stakes gambler set to take down an international money-laundering organization. "Kung Fu Jungle" is a martial-arts action film starring Donnie Yen. The film pays homage to Hong Kong action and kung fu flicks of the past. "The Midnight After" is a sci-fi thriller with an analogous spin. Directed by Fruit Chan, "The Midnight After" focuses on 16 people aboard a minibus who realize they are the last people left in Hong Kong. "My Voice, My Life" is a documentary about underprivileged youth and an advantageous opportunity with a musical-theater program.

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