Who Were the Members of the Original Brady Bunch Cast?


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The original "Brady Bunch" cast was made up of five females that included the roles of a mother, maid and three daughters, and four males, which were a father and three sons. Sam, the maid's boyfriend, had a semi-recurring role, appearing in eight episodes during the show's five-year run.

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The original "Brady Bunch" cast included female portrayals by Florence Henderson as Carol Brady, the mom; Ann B. Davis as Alice, the maid; Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady, the oldest daughter; Eve Plumb as Jan Brady, the second oldest daughter; and Susan Olsen as Cindy Brady, the youngest daughter. Male cast members included Robert Reed as Mike Brady, the father; Barry Williams as Greg Brady, the oldest son; Christopher Knight as Peter Brady, the second oldest son; and Mike Lookinland as Bobby Brady, the youngest son.

"The Brady Bunch" first aired in September 1969 and ran for five seasons, airing its last episode on March 8, 1974. The premise entailed the amalgamation of a single mother with her three daughters and a single father with his three sons. Plots for the series centered around common moral issues facing teens at the time, such as sibling rivalry and telling the truth, interjected with comedic relief. While the show was not considered popular at the time by today's standards, an episode of "The Brady Bunch" has aired every day of the year in the United States and around the world since it first went into syndication in 1975.

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