Who Were the Members of the Original Addams Family Show Cast?


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The cast members of the original Addams Family television series were Carolyn Jones, John Astin, Ted Cassidy, Jackie Coogan and Ken Weatherwax. Lisa Loring, Marie Blake and Felix Silla also starred in the original series.

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Carolyn Jones played the darkly glamorous wife and mother of the family, Morticia Addams, while John Astin played her adoring husband Gomez. Ted Cassidy portrayed the family's manservant, Lurch. Jackie Coogan played the character Uncle Fester, who had the unexplained ability to generate electricity from his body. Ken Weatherwax portrayed the devious son Pugsley Addams, and Lisa Loring was cast as Pugsley's solemn sister Wednesday.

Marie Blake played Grandmama Addams, who was a regular character on the original series. Felix Silla played Cousin Itt, who was distinguished by the long hair that concealed his entire body. Itt, a recurring character billed as the cousin of Gomez, spoke in a high-pitched gibberish that could be understood only by other members of the family.

The original Addams Family television series consists of 64 episodes which ran from September 1964 through April 1966. The series follows the daily lives of a wealthy and eccentric family whose penchant for the macabre often raises the eyebrows of others in their community.

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