Who Were Some Members of Blue Oyster Cult?

Who Were Some Members of Blue Oyster Cult?

Some members of Blue Oyster Cult were Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser, Eric Bloom, Albert Bouchard, Allen Lanier and Joe Bouchard. Roeser, Bloom, Lanier and the Bouchard brothers were the founding members of the band when the name officially became Blue Oyster Cult in 1971, and stuck together until 1981. Other members included Les Braunstein, Rudy Sarzo, Bobby Rondinelli, Rick Downey and Chuck Burgi.

In 1967, Les Braunstein, Buck Dharma, Allen Lanier, Andrew Winters and Albert Bouchard formed the rock band Soft White Underbelly, and performed together until their breakup in 1969. Several of its members reformed in 1971 as Blue Oyster Cult, with Joe Bouchard and Eric Bloom replacing Braunstein and Winters.

Along with Bloom, Roeser, Braunstein, and Lanier, who also played the keyboard, other guitarists who have performed with the band were Sarzo, Andrew Winters and Jon Rogers. Percussionists have included Albert Bouchard, Rondinelli, Downey, Burgi and Ron Riddle.

Eric Bloom has filled the role of the band's main vocalist over the years. Bloom and Buck Dharma still perform in the band today.

Despite the numerous lineup changes over the years, Blue Oyster Cult has remained popular, selling over 24 million albums worldwide. On November 5, 2012, the original band members reunited and performed a show in New York City.