Who Were the Main Cast Members on Season Seven of "The Mentalist"?


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The main cast on season seven of "The Mentalist" include Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Joe Adler, Rockmond Dunbar and Josie Loren. Simon Baker portrays Patrick Jane, the main protagonist.

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Simon Baker plays in all 13 episodes of season seven of "The Mentalist," and he works as a psychic medium and independent consultant for a fictional version of the California Bureau of Investigation. He uses his genius level intellect, keen senses and knowledge of social engineering to lead others in the investigations.

Robin Tunney portrays Teresa Lisbon on "The Mentalist," and stars in all 13 episodes of season seven. She is the leader of the Serious Crimes Unit within the fictionalized California Bureau of Investigation. Lisbon is a former senior agent, and has a strong working relationship with Patrick Jane played by Simon Baker.

Tim Kang portrays Kimball Cho, and he also stars in all 13 episodes of seven season. Kimball Cho works as an FBI agent, however, he is a former agent of the fictional California Bureau of investigation. He has a straightforward and direct personality. Cho is the complete opposite of Patrick Jane's character, however, he is determined to learn the power of observation that Jane possesses.

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