What Were the Best Horror Movies Released in 2013?


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Some of the best horror films of 2013 include “The Conjuring,” “V/H/S/ 2” and “Sightseers.” From horror comedy to reserved suspense and anthologies, these films rank as some of the most critically-respected horror films of 2013.

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Acclaimed director James Wan was already well-known for horror favorites, such as “Saw” and “Insidious,” but “The Conjuring” brought his reputation to a new level. Loosely based on a true story, the film focuses on a family plagued by demonic possession and the paranormal investigators who attempt to help them. Wan’s skill lies in maintaining an underlying sense of dread throughout the film, avoiding the use of cheap scares in favor of an all-encompassing feeling of terror.

The second installment in the popular horror anthology series, “V/H/S 2” overcomes its weaker segments by virtue of its stronger pieces. The film gives a voice for new horror filmmakers, introducing promising new talent. Critics particularly praised “A Ride in the Park,” which documents a zombie apocalypse from the perspective of a bicycle helmet camera, and “Safe Haven,” focused on a bizarre Indonesian cult.

Black comedy “Sightseers” is an offbeat film from British director Ben Wheatley that’s part love story and part psychological horror. A misfit couple fall quickly in love and take an RV holiday, where an accidental murder quickly leads into something far more sinister. An unconventional plot and strong performances by both leads made “Sightseers” a hit with horror aficionados.

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