Who Were Some of the Highest Paid Artists of 2014?


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Some of the highest paid artists of 2014 were Dr. Dre, Beyonce, The Eagles, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. The highest paid artist by a large margin was Dr. Dre, earning $620 million due to the company he founded, Beats.

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Beyonce came in second place with $115 million, and The Eagles came in third place with $100 million. The remaining artists earned under $100 million each, with Bon Jovi earning $82 million and Bruce Springsteen earning $81 Million.

These artists far surpassed the earnings of many of their younger counterparts. Katy Perry cleared $40 million, Miley Cyrus earned $36 million and Lady Gaga netted $30 million. Only Justin Bieber and One Direction broke into the top ten earners with $80 million and $75 million, respectively.

While the majority of top earners ranks among the older and more experienced artists, the type of music represented is vast. All styles of music, from hip-hop to rock, are represented in the top spots. The list of top spots was calculated using touring profits, music and merchandise sold, endorsements and other factors. The measurement of earnings was taken from June 2013 to June 2014, and based on data from Nielsen, Pollstar and the Recording Industry Association of America.

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