What Were Some of the Greatest Musical Hits of the 1960s?


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Some of the greatest musical hits of the 1960s include The Beatles? ?A Day in the Life,? ?Bob Dylan?s ?Like a Rolling Stone? and The Beach Boys? ?Wouldn?t It Be Nice.? The songs were all major hits and critical successes.

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The closing track of The Beatles? formidable ?Sgt. Pepper?s,? ?A Day in the Life? was the group?s most ambitious single to date, a melding of pop sensibility and high art pretensions. Featuring distinct sections written by Lennon and McCartney and one of the most jarring transitions in popular music, ?A Day in the Life? marked a major turning point for The Beatles.

Bob Dylan?s massive 1965 release ?Highway 61 Revisited? opened with ?Like a Rolling Stone,? one of the defining songs of the 1960s. Over six minutes long, the song changed what was possible in the context of pop music, and it was the first single of its length to ascend to the top of the pop charts, where it remained for nearly three months. Dylan?s sneering chorus, backed by the song?s iconic organ line, is one of the best-known in pop music.

Opening with its instantly recognizable music box melody, The Beach Boy?s 1966 single remains one of the group?s most enduring hits. Brian Wilson?s obsessive, elaborate production is some of the most esteemed in pop music, and the song?s rich, undeniably memorable melody has kept it relevant for decades.

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