What Were Some Funny Super Bowl Commercials of 2014?

What Were Some Funny Super Bowl Commercials of 2014?

One humorous 2014 Super Bowl ad that caught a lot of people's attention was one by Radio Shack that featured icons from the 1980s such as Hulk Hogan and Kid 'N Play. Another notable funny offering was a two-part ad by Bud Light that chronicled a man's unexpectedly adventurous night.

In the Radio Shack ad, the retailer pokes fun at its image of being an old-fashioned brand and features popular characters invading a Radio Shack store and clearing out the antiquated merchandise. Q-Bert, the California Raisins, Jason Vorhees and Erik Estrada are among those who make an appearance.

The Bud Light ad features a character named Ian, who is an unwitting participant in the ad and is being led on an adventure in which Don Cheadle and Arnold Schwarzenegger both make an appearance.

Ellen DeGeneres pitched for Beats by Dre, lending her brand of humor to the popular headphones brand. Meanwhile, Bruce Willis and Fred Armisen teamed up in a comedic ad for Honda.

Other funny ads included one that featured a Doritos-powered time traveling machine and one with a grizzly bear on the hunt for Chobani yogurt. Like Radio Shack, Dannon yogurt dipped into the nostalgia well with a commercial whose plot involved the cast of "Full House."