What Were the Causes Behind Tom Cruise's Divorce From Katie Holmes?


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Tom Cruise admitted in a passionate deposition that the primary cause of his divorce from Katie Holmes was his involvement with the Church of Scientology. His wife filed for the divorce, and it wrapped up in a record time, though Tom says he felt betrayed by Katie. The couple had one daughter together, Suri.

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The Church of Scientology is a very controversial church, which made Katie uncomfortable, and she was uncomfortable raising her daughter in the religion. Katie filed the divorce in 2012, just before Tom Cruise celebrated his 50th birthday. Despite the fact that Tom admitted Katie divorced him because of his religion, he still defended Scientology.

Tom Cruise took offense at his wife's unwillingness to raise their daughter with Church of Scientology beliefs. During their marriage, the church didn’t declare Katie as a suppressive person, but Katie thought otherwise. Doctrines of Scientology can brand Katie as a person who denied her daughter spiritual freedom. Religion is a very sensitive matter, and this left the two in a bad state after the divorce. Reports claim that the two do not talk about their daughter and dislike each other. Some critics claim that Tom Cruise abandoned his daughter after the divorce.

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