Who Were Some Cast Members on the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman TV Series?


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The main cast of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" consisted of Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Erika Flores, Chad Allen, Shawn Toovey and Jessica Bowman. Other frequently returning members included Orson Bean as Loren Bray and Jim Knobeloch as Jake Slicker, the two each appearing in 148 and 131 episodes respectively.

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The primary cast member, Jane Seymour, plays Michaela Quinn, a 19th century Boston physician who establishes a medical practice in the small town of Colorado Springs. Joe Lando plays Sully, a local man with an affinity for Native American culture who eventually becomes Quinn's love interest. Allen, Toovey, Bowman and Flores play the children who fall under Quinn's protection, and who become, for her, a surrogate family. Diane Ladd appears in the series' first two episodes as midwife Charlotte Cooper, mother to the orphaned children and ultimate rattlesnake victim.

"Dr. Quinn" had an extensive supporting cast, with many members who appeared over multiple seasons. For example, Barbara Babcock, Alley Mills and Georgann Johnson all appeared for five consecutive seasons, while Nick Ramus and Larry Sellers held consistently recurring roles as two of the series' primary Native American characters, Black Kettle and Cloud Dancing. The series also enjoyed at least 40 guest appearances consisting of television, film and music industry celebrities. Musical celebrities include Johnny and Rose Carter Cash, Travis Tritt, Kenny Rogers and Trisha Yearwood, while famous actor appearances include Eddie Albert, Robert Culp and David Carradine.

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