What Were Anne Rice's First Five Books, in Order?

What Were Anne Rice's First Five Books, in Order?

Anne Rice's first five books are "Interview with the Vampire" in 1976, "The Feast of All Saints" in 1979, "Cry to Heaven" in 1982, "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" in 1983 and "Beauty's Punishment" in 1984. A full list of her books is available on AnneRice.com, as of 2015.

Visitors to AnneRice.com should click on place the cursor over Books, and click All Books, In Order on the drop-down menu that appears to view her book list.

"Interview with the Vampire" is the first book in Rice's series, "The Vampire Chronicles." It has led to multiple sequels, comic adaptations and a film adaptation, released in 1994. The book is the tale of a vampire named Louis.

"The Feast of All Saints" is a standalone novel. It takes place in 1840s New Orleans, following a 14-year-old boy named Marcel, who has a white parent and a free black parent.

"Cry to Heaven" is also a standalone novel, this one taking place in 18th century Italy. It follows castrated soprano singers whom the people love but don't accept.

"The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" and "Beauty's Punishment" are the first and second books in Rice's "The Sleeping Beauty Series." The series is an adult version of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale that begins with the prince waking Beauty.