Who Were Some of the Actors in "Paranormal State"?

Who Were Some of the Actors in "Paranormal State"?

Chip Coffey, Heather Taddy, Eilfie Music, Katrina Weidman and Sergey Poberezhny are some of the supporting actors in the now-defunct reality television series "Paranormal State." Ryan Buell was the main actor in the show.

All the actors in "Paranormal State" played themselves in the reality TV series. The series ran from 2007 to 2011.

The show followed the Penn State Paranormal Research Society. The story primarily revolved around their investigations into strange and unusual phenomena around the United States, and also related to their lives at Penn State.

Chip Coffey played the medium in the TV series. He appeared in 43 episodes. Heather Taddy appeared in 43 episodes as the team documentarian. Eilfie Music played the occult specialist in 36 episodes, while Sergey Poberezhny played the tech specialist in 35 episodes. Katrina Weidman was a trainee in 35 episodes.

Ryan Buell was the founder and director of the Penn State Paranormal Research Society. He appeared in all 84 episodes of the series. The show revolved around his life as a college student at Penn State University. In 2012, he revealed he was battling pancreatic cancer, though it was never made part of the television series.

Other actors in the series included Josh Light, Lorraine Warren and Chad Calek. They appeared as self-proclaimed experts in the paranormal.