What Are Some Well-Reviewed Lifetime Original Movies?


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Some well-reviewed Lifetime original movies include "A Novel Romance," starring Amy Acker and Dylan Bruce; "A Deadly Adoption," starring Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig; and "No One Would Tell," starring 1990s sitcom stars Candace Cameron and Fred Savage. In 1992, Queen Latifah's headlined Lifetime movie, "Steel Magnolias," received rave reviews from critics who likened it in quality to the 1989 feature film by the same name.

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Critics lauded "A Novel Romance" primarily for its stars, Dylan Bruce and Amy Acker. In the film, author Liam Bradley, played by Bruce, disguises his true identity while cultivating a romance with a journalist and book reviewer, played by Acker. While reviewers criticized Acker's character for its stereotypical simplicity, they blamed writers for the problem and lauded Acker for the star power she brought to the film. Similarly, critics expressed surprise that Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig took time from their busy comedy schedules to produce a serious Lifetime film. Critics lauded the pair for bringing high-quality acting to the Lifetime movie.

The 1994 Lifetime movie "Death of a Cheerleader" lives on in popular culture infamy with famed 1990s actress Tori Spelling playing the dead cheerleader. In Lifetime's 2004 portrayal of "Flowers in the Attic," Ellen Burstyn plays a grandmother with ill intent who interacts with Heather Graham's character, a selfish mother. Also in 2004, Kristen Stewart starred in Lifetime's movie "Speak," an acclaimed film about a young sexual abuse victim who hesitates to share her story. Stewart starred in "Speak" before she went on to start in the "Twilight" films.

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