What Are Some Well-Known Medical Journals?

What Are Some Well-Known Medical Journals?

The Harvard Health Journal, the Annual Review of Public Health and the American Journal of Preventive Medicine are all well known and widely read, according to MHADegree.org. Drug Safety, Medical Care and the Journal of Adolescent Health are also notable. The Lancet Global Health, the International Journal of Epidemiology and Environmental Health Perspectives are well-known public health journals.

The Annual Review of Public Health was established in 1980 and features articles on many different areas of public health. The journal discusses epidemiology, occupational health, behavior and health services.

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine focuses on prevention research, practice, education and policy. It emphasizes papers that focus on issues such as injury, infectious diseases and smoking. Occasionally, the journal devotes an issue to a certain area of preventive medicine.

Medical Care focuses on health care administration and delivery. It publishes papers that deal with service delivery, health care financing, service evaluation and related areas. Medical Care occasionally includes supplements that focus on a specialized topic, which subscribers receive along with the standard volumes.

The Journal of Adolescent Health covers aspects of adolescent health ranging from biological and behavioral science to general health policy. The journal includes contributions from experts in law, psychology and anthropology.