What Are Some Well-Known Margaret Keane Lithographs?

What Are Some Well-Known Margaret Keane Lithographs?

Some of the most well-known lithographs by Margaret Keane include "Alone," "The Caretaker," "The Lookout" and "The Stray." The artist is known for her paintings that depict big-eyed characters that arehung in rec rooms and lounges all over the United States,according to the New York Times.

In 1964,Margaret Keane was one of the most famous artists in the country without anyone realizing it. However, in 1986, after a paint-off in a Honolulu courtroom, Margaret Keane proved to the judge and the world that she, and not her husband, was the true artist of the forsaken big-eyed characters, according to an article in the New York Times in 2014.

Keane's husband had been taking credit for the paintings and Tim Burton's movie "Big Eyes," starring Amy Adams as Margaret Keane, finally told her true story.

Some of the famous paintings and lithographs by the artist include "Alone" that depicts a tiny girl in a yellow dress sitting on a staircase with giant eyes and "On the Threshold," a lithograph of a woman wearing a white gown with large sullen eyes.

One of the most notable lithographs is "The Waif," where the same girl from "The Stray," with mussy blonde hair and a yellow dress, stands with one hand on her hip with the iconic big eyes that look sad and alone.