Who Are Some Well-Known Graffiti Street Artists?


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Banksy, David Choe and Victor Ash are some well-known graffiti street artists. Others include Blek le Rat, or Xavier Prou; Retna, or Marquis Lewis; and Moose, or Paul Curtis.

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No one knows the true identity of the artist known as Banksy. His work is usually satirical and has political or social themes. He uses stencils and paints primarily with black spray paint, although several of his pieces incorporate color. He also creates sculptures with industrial materials. Several of his pieces sold at auction for millions after being removed from the street where they first appeared.

David Choe is an over-the-top graphic graffiti artist based in Los Angeles. Facebook asked him to paint a mural for the company's headquarters, and he agreed to do so as long as the company paid him in stock. President Barack Obama used Choe's painting of him in his first presidential campaign in 2008. He paints both random street art and commissioned work.

Victor Ash began his street art in Paris, France, in the 1980s. His artwork has gone from rough graffiti to more aesthetic work with a message. Currently, his work is seen on buildings in France, Germany and Denmark, with some pieces spanning over 25 feet high. He is credited as an influence on modern graffiti artists.

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