What Are Some Well-Known Company Logos?


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Some well-known company logos include Nike's Swoosh, Coca-Cola's script typeface, Apple's lone apple with a bite taken out of it, Google's multi-colored letters and the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star. There are additional iconic brand logos for establishments such as McDonald's, Ford Motors, Warner Bros. and Levi's.

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Carolyn Davidson first designed the Nike Swoosh in 1971. Inspired by the Greek goddess of victory, the logo implied speed and movement. Coca-Cola's logo has changed a bit over the years but it has retained its original script, only changing the typeface.

From 1976 to date, Apple has had four logos. The iconic bite first appeared in a 1977 design and over the years, the logo's design changed subtly as a result of modifying colors and shading.

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