What Are Some Well-Known Chinese Movies?


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Some of the best-known Chinese movies include "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," "Hero" and "House of Flying Daggers." Chinese movies that are considered among the best include Fei Mu's 1948 film "Spring in a Small Town" and "Better Tomorrow," a 1986 movie directed by John Woo.

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"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" won four Oscar awards and featured kung fu and a complex plot. "Hero" is about the founding of the Chin dynasty and tells the story from multiple viewpoints. "House of Flying Daggers," like "Crouching Tiger," mixes kung fu with deeper themes.

Well-known movies with a strong connection to China but not made by Chinese filmmakers include "Enter the Dragon" featuring Bruce Lee, "The Last Emperor" by Bernardo Bertolucci, "Kung Fu Hustle" with Jackie Chan, "Shaolin Soccer," which combines the popular sport with martial arts, and "Mulan," a Disney film about a brave Chinese princess.

The Hong Kong Film Awards compiled a list of Chinese movies that includes films from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. "Springtime in a Small Town" and "A Better Tomorrow" topped the list. Others on the list included "Days of Being Wild" from 1990, "Yellow Earth" from 1984, "The One-Armed Swordsman" from 1967 and "Chunking Express" from 1994.

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