What Are Some Well-Known Bigfoot Videos?


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Some well known Bigfoot videos include the Patterson-Gimlin film, the Utah Sasquatch family video and the "Woodpile Thermal" video. There is also the Tatra Mountain Yeti video and the Marble Mountain Sasquatch video.

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Widely considered the best Bigfoot footage available as of 2015, the Patterson-Gimlin film was captured by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin on Oct. 20, 1967. While researching Sasquatch reports near Bluff Creek, California, the two men spotted a large creature beside the creek. Paterson's horse reared at the sight of the creature, and Patterson then spent about 20 seconds getting down from the horse and readying his camera. At the time Patterson actually began filming the creature, he was about 120 feet away. Closing to a distance of 80 feet, Patterson captured the most famous section of the film, including footage of the creature turning to look at the men over its right shoulder twice, before finally walking away.

The Utah Sasquatch family video, captured in 2011, features a purported Bigfoot family sighting. In the video, a man who is recording his kids sledding suddenly notices three creatures in the immediate background. The "Woodpile Thermal" video features professional Christopher Noel investigating sightings at an east Texas woodpile property. After building a large bonfire to attract the Bigfoot, Noel films a large creature, thought by some to be a Sasquatch, through his infrared camera.

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