What Are Some Well-Known Articles About Peer Pressure?

Some well-known articles about peer pressure include many relevant published studies, such as the Asch conformity experiment and the peer pressure study by the University of Southern California suggesting that peer pressure and group behavior or "mob mentality" is hardwired into human's brains. Jane Elliot's famous blue eyes/brown eyes is another well-known study-based article from the 1960s whereas psychological impacts group behavior, prejudice and peer pressure are all addressed.

Some other well-known articles, movies and myths address peer pressure in a less scientific and sometimes blatantly mythical sense such as the famous legend of suicidal lemmings who, in an effort to follow suit in a group, peer-approved fashion, jump off the edge of a cliff. This myth, perpetuated by the 1958 Disney documentary, "Wild Wilderness," is often accepted as fact and as a cautionary tale to avoiding peer pressure or following what others do.