Does Wehrenberg St. Charles Stadium 18 Cine Sell Tickets Online?

Movie and event tickets for The St. Charles Stadium 18 Cine in St. Charles, Missouri, are available for purchase online from the Wehrenberg website. The theater offers online ticket purchases for general admission and suite seating for applicable movies.

The St. Charles Stadium 18 Cine sells tickets for movies and selected special events up to one month in advance directly from its website at To purchase tickets, first click the Theatres button at the top of the landing page, and then select the St. Charles Stadium 18 from the list. Click on any listed show time to buy general admission tickets. To buy suite seats, choose those options when checking show times.

Use the Change Date drop-down menu on the Tickets page to purchase advance tickets from the site. Advance purchasing options are limited to films and events with confirmed schedules.