What Are Some Websites That Offer HD Video Downloads?


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Download HD videos of movies, songs, TV shows and documentaries on iTunes and Amazon.com for a price. One can download HD videos from the web using legal software and Android apps, such as Internet Download Manager, Videoder, Free Video Downloader, Easy Downloader and Download Manager for Android. It is to be noted that downloading videos from sites such as YouTube is a breach of its terms of service. Hence, downloaders must be careful and download videos that are legally permissible.

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Amazon.com and iTunes have a large collection of movies, songs, TV shows and other videos available for download at a price. These websites have the necessary permissions from the copyright holders to sell the videos online. Customers can buy or rent the videos. Most videos are available with closed captioning and in HD formats. Amazon.com also offers subscription under Amazon Prime, wherein subscribers can stream unlimited videos in its collection.

Internet Download Manager is software that allows users to download and sort all kinds of downloads, including videos, images and files. It also helps in optimizing the download speeds. The software is integrated into the browser and every time a new webpage is opened, a popup appears with an option to download videos and files from the page in all available formats, including HD.

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