What Are Some Websites for Bluegrass Gospel Music?


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The websites Live 365 and Pandora Radio both provide free online streaming of bluegrass gospel music. Similarly, the website All Music provides general information about bluegrass gospel music and bluegrass gospel musicians.

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The websites Live 365 and Pandora are both online-radio websites that create playlists based off of a user-picked style of music. On the Live 365 website, type "bluegrass gospel" into the search bar on the top right, and then browse through the various stations that appear. Pandora works very similarly, in that users should type either "bluegrass gospel," or the name of a bluegrass gospel artist that they enjoy into the search bar, and the website will generate a playlist based off of that genre or artist. The playlists are free and give general information about the songs and artists, but there are some advertisements between songs.

All Music is a website that does not focus on streaming music, but instead gives information about genres and musicians. Users can type "bluegrass gospel" into the website's search bar, and from there they can find historical information about the genre as well as the most popular albums, artists and songs within the genre. Specific popular songs can be streamed for free from the website, but the site is not capable of creating playlists.

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