What Are Some Ways to Purchase Old Magazines?


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Some ways to purchase old magazines include asking to buy old lobby copies at a doctor's or dentist's office for a few dollars or purchasing old issues from a bookstore. Another option is to check auction sites and classified sites or posting an ad with the intention to buy old magazines on social media accounts.

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For vintage magazines, individuals can ask clerks at thrift stores and antique stores if they carry any old magazines or know where to purchase any. Grocery or drug stores that have newsstands may be able to sell any extra copies of old magazines they have. Another option is to run an advertisement in local papers asking for old magazines, including relevant contact information and any magazines an individual is specifically looking to buy. Some websites, such as pastpaper.com, sell recent and vintage magazines.

Local yard sales and swap meets are other places to buy old magazines. Many people sell old books and magazines they collected over time. Auction sites, such as eBay, have sections dedicated to magazine publications and categorize searches by decade or flagship name. If nothing else works, individuals may ask family members and friends if they have older editions of specific magazines to sell or give away. Older relatives may often save magazines that featured special events or specific interests.

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