What Are the Ways to Help Kids Make Reading a Habit?


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To promote reading at home, children need to see adults reading themselves. Additionally, children are more apt to read if reading materials are left present throughout the home in a number of media, at all times. Finally, regular visits to the library further encourages habitual reading.

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Adults don't need to read only books in front of their children in order to instill a sense of habitual reading. Other valuable reading material include newspapers, magazines, recipes and even telephone directories. The most important thing is to illustrate to the child is that reading is not an activity that just occurs in school, but in many venues of daily life. If a local library is an option, getting the child her own library card and enlisting her in group activities there can encourage reading.

At home, reading should be prioritized ahead of television watching. The more advanced the child is at reading, the more important it is to discuss the topics with her, to determine her opinion, level of comprehension, likes and dislikes. If the child comes from a home where the principal language isn't English, she should be encouraged to read and learn in that native language, then shown how that can help with the acquisition of English. Multiple language learning does not confuse, hinder or lead a child to error in one language, but actually facilitates the addition of more languages and enhanced literacy overall.

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