What Are Some Ways That Journalists Can Attract More Readers?


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One way that journalists can attract more readers is by developing their headline skills. A headline should be catchy and enticing, giving some but not all of the information. Once the headline attracts the reader's attention, ethical journalism is important to maintain and expand readership.

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Journalists inform their readers on current events, and in doing so, provide conversational material as well. It is important not to provide or encourage sensationalist viewpoints, as in certain cases this may exacerbate the troubling situation on which the journalist is reporting. Journalists should complete their reporting in a timely manner, but it is important that they establish key facts, not just assume them. Readers are more likely to return to a source of news they believe is honest.

Readers return to news about issues that affect them personally. By serving the public interest and focusing on stories with social value, the journalist keeps his content relatable and his readers loyal. A journalist who stays objective and represents the diversity of society is less likely to alienate prospective readers. When a potential story is limited by an editor because it might offend a certain group or public figure, it is important for a journalist to decide for himself if he should investigate it further. He may be able to negotiate with the editor. Journalists as informers are a key role in socioeconomic and economic growth, and by heralding new ideas they reinforce the knowledge of this role and invigorate readership.

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