What Are the Ways to Draw a Skull?

What Are the Ways to Draw a Skull?

A simple skull can be drawn by making a circle with an opening at the bottom, connecting the circle with a wide, u-shaped line, drawing two nostrils in the middle, lower half of the skull and then adding wide circles for eyes and a striped line to portray the mouth and teeth. There are more complex ways to draw a skull, adding more details and features, depending on preference.

There are only a few steps necessary to draw a simple skull.

Step 1: Start the skull

Draw the upper half of a circle.

Step 2: Draw cheekbones

Continue the lines of the circle before leaving a wide opening. Then, add two more lines, each inside the circle on both sides. The lines should move down, curving out the edge of the skull. Angle these lines inward and slightly upward, creating the cheekbones.

Step 3: Create the jawline and chin

Draw a new set of lines off of the cheekbones to create the jaw line, going downward with a slight angle toward each other. Connect them with a gently-curved u-shaped line to form the chin.

Step 4: Add teeth, eyes and nostrils

Draw the teeth by connecting the lines from the cheekbones. Draw the lines so that they curve down and connect, forming the bottom half of the mouth. Then, draw the upper half of the mouth, adding vertical lines to form the teeth. Finally, draw wide, dark circles to resemble the eye sockets, along with small, oval-shaped circles to form the nostrils.