What Are Some Ways to Attend Advance Movie Screenings?

What Are Some Ways to Attend Advance Movie Screenings?

Some ways to attend advance movie screenings include listening to local radio stations to take advantage of free pass giveaways, signing up for Gofobo and following public relation firms on Facebook and Twitter. Some studios also give away passes through loyalty programs.

Studios often give screening passes to radio stations to use in giveaways. Movie fans can win these by listening to the station and keeping their ears peeled for offers. People who do not have time to listen to the radio can also visit the station's website, as some stations offer rewards for clicking sponsored links or filling out surveys. Some radio stations also inform listeners about giveaways through their newsletters.

Many studios offer screening passes through a website called Gofobo. Movie fans can find passes for both public and private screenings on the site; however, website visitors must have an RSVP code to access passes for private screenings. People can also access screening passes through websites such as GetScreening, Wild About Movies and Advance Movie Screenings.

Many studios and PR firms make use of social media to spread the word about new movies in theaters. They often give passes for screenings away to the public through their social media accounts to help create a buzz around new releases.

Some studios take matters into their own hands when it comes to offering passes for screenings. For example, Sony Pictures operates a program called Sony Rewards, which allows fans to collect points and exchange them for rewards such as movie premiers and screenings.