What Does Wayne Enterprises Do?


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Wayne Enterprises is the family business of Batman's civilian alter ego Bruce Wayne; this is a massively successful business venture that allows Bruce Wayne to use a considerable amount of his personal fortune to finance his crime-fighting activities as Batman. In fact, Bruce Wayne helps keeps his identity as Batman secret by using his family fortune to portray an image of himself as a billionaire playboy, when in fact he is a very serious, caring and conscientious individual. Wayne Enterprises may be depicted in different ways throughout different iterations of the Batman narrative, but in general, it is shown to be a multifaceted international business that is highly successful and garners public interest as a result of this success.

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What Does Wayne Enterprises Do?
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This fictional company is said to have started as a small real estate investment venture by early members of the Wayne family. The business eventually grew to include divisions in areas such as biotechnology, medicine, entertainment, electronics, construction, chemicals, shipping and aerospace. Depending on the specific story, the Wayne family business may go by names such as Wayne Enterprises, Wayne Industries or Wayne Corp. In some versions of the Batman narrative, Bruce Wayne is seen using his business' resources in research and development to come up with new tools to use while fighting crime.

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