What Is Wayne Carini's Biography?

Car collector and restorer Wayne Carini became famous selling cars to celebrities such as David Letterman. Owner and operator of three successful businesses – F40 Motorsport, Continental Auto Ltd and Carini Carozzeria – Carini hosts “Chasing Classic Cars “ on Discovery Theatre HD.

Carini’s love affairs with cars started at age nine with his first Ferrarri, a 1960 Rosso Chiaro 250 SWB. Later trained in Ferrarri maintenance by Francois Sicard, a former Ferrari mechanic considered one of the line’s foremost experts, Carini began restoring high-end cars while working as a mechanic. His experience sourcing rare and exotic cars led him to start F40 Motorsports, which features classic and vintage cars, and Continental Auto Ltd, which offers high-end and exotic collision repair. As of 2015, Carini spends most of his time at Carozzeria Carini, his high-end restoration shop.

An avid car collector, Carini actually prefers unrestored cars. These rare exemplars are the focus of his private collection, which often shows in preservation classes at world-renowned car shows such as the Concours d’Elegance at Amelia Island, Florida. His expertise and high visibility led first to the Discovery specials “Monterey Week” and “The World’s Most Expensive Cars” and then to “Chasing Classic Cars,” filmed almost entirely in high-definition.

A married father of two, Carini actively promotes car clubs and events that introduce car collecting to young people to help grow and sustain the hobby.