What Is the Way to Make Templates for Church Bulletins?

An easy way to make a template for a church bulletin is to use a program like Microsoft Word and input the information on a document, then save as a bulletin template. Some of the information that will stay the same from week to week include the church's logo, name, address and phone number.

The easiest bulletin to make is one that is bi-fold, or simply folds in half. The user should keep in mind that a bulletin is two-sided, so there will need to be two pages to the template. On the first page, one side should have basic information about the church such as name, address and phone numbers. Some bulletins use a standard picture of the building, while others change the picture from week to week. This page will be the cover of the bulletin.

The second page of the template is what is found inside the bulletin. This changes weekly and consists of the format for the service. Information here includes opening hymns, prayers, sermon and closing hymns. Churches also commonly include announcements, upcoming events and prayer requests on the opposite page. When doing the template for the inside cover, the information should be separated on the right and left side of the page.